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Leading Distributor of Medical Equipment in the Nordic Region 

The Vingmed Group stands as one of the leading companies in the Nordic countries, specializing in the distribution and service of advanced medical equipment. Our commitment is to offer medical products that meet the diverse needs of our customers across the Nordic region.

Our customer base spans a wide spectrum of healthcare institutions, primarily including hospitals, but also extending to pharmacies, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, and various other healthcare professionals. This diversity in clientele reflects our dedication to serving a wide range of healthcare professionals and institutions throughout the Nordic region. 

Building Strong Partnerships

At Vingmed, we understand that the key to our success lies in employing the best talents in the market and fostering strong, confident, and enduring relationships with both our customers and suppliers. 

When selecting new suppliers, we prioritize attributes such as fast and reliable delivery capabilities, a strong commitment to innovation, and, above all, open and effective communication and a mutual trust in our relationships. 

By selecting us as your supplier, you gain a responsive partner where your products won’t get lost in the crowd. 

We strive to collaborate so that together we can make a positive contribution to the healthcare sector in the Nordic countries while prioritizing the well-being of patients in all that we do. Together, we shape the future of healthcare in the Nordics. 

Empowering Our Dedicated Team

Our dedication to professionalism and innovative solutions is a testament to our collective strength. We firmly believe in the value of open and honest dialogue, empowering our employees and teams to make well-informed decisions. 

Within our organization, we maintain a streamlined and flat organizational structure. This structure ensures that every member of our team, be it customer-facing or supplier-engaging, possesses the autonomy and expertise to deliver swift and effective solutions. We take immense pride in the capabilities of our employees, recognizing their invaluable role in collaborating with you to provide the best possible outcomes. 

Four Nordic Healthcare Distributors

Comprising four distinct direct sales organizations, Vingmed AS (Norway), Vingmed AB (Sweden), Vingmed A/S (Denmark), and Vingmed Oy (Finland), each operates independently within its respective marketplace, contributing to its unique local character. Our primary focus areas encompass cardiology, radiology, endoscopy, dialysis, intensive care, anesthesia, obstetrics, general surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and laboratory.

With a collective force of nearly 200 dedicated professionals spread across the entire Nordic region, we are united by a shared commitment to establishing enduring relationships built on trust, respect, and loyalty. 

As a comprehensive Nordic healthcare distributor, our influence transcends borders, as our four Nordic companies forming a powerfull alliance. Together, we constitute one of the largest and most influential sales organizations specialized in advanced medical equipment and sterile articles throughout the Nordic region. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

In partnership with the healthcare sector in the Nordic, with highly competent and engaged employees, and in collaboration with suppliers of innovative, high-quality products, we contribute to improved survival rates and enhanced quality of life.  

We meet customers’ expectations regarding support, education, technical service, and professional logistics in our field of distributing advanced medical products.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Vingmed aims to be the leading distributor of products, services, technical support, and innovations that contribute to better, safer, and more efficient healthcare.  

From a technical and innovative perspective, we will be at the forefront and become recognized, respected, and well-known under our own brand.  

We strive to be the most attractive workplace, attracting and retaining the industry’s top experts.  

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Expertise  Our operations are based on professionalism, knowledge, and skill, as well as continuous learning and adaptation in an industry that is constantly evolving. We are well-versed in the healthcare sector, understanding its organizations and practices.

Commitment  We are dedicated and ready to invest in collaborative efforts, goals, and creating a positive customer experience. We also commit to our staff, ensuring their well-being and expertise.

Respect  We respect our stakeholders, partners, and members of our work community.

Loyalty  Our operations are built on trust and appreciation, sustaining loyalty among individuals.

Professionalism  We operate according to sound business principles, cost-consciously and using resources wisely. We ensure profitability and financial stability.

Environmental and Social Responsibility  We consider the environment in our operations by favoring ecological solutions and lifecycle thinking. We maintain high ethical values and take immediate social responsibility for the well-being and expertise of our staff, working conditions, and good practices.

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