Our history

From pioneers on ultrasound and heart surgery to a leading medtech distributor

The Start-up

The founder of Vingmed AS was Arne Wøien, who also owned Vingtor. The company Vingmed was separated from Vingtor, which already had its foundation in maritime electronics but expanded its business by incorporating medical technology products into its range. With the establishment of Vingmed AS, the business became specialized, laying the foundation for the Vingmed Group as a medical technology company.

Commercial partner in the research community

Vingmed AS quickly became a commercial partner in the Norwegian research community. Research and development focused on the possibilities of ultrasound diagnostics, under the leadership of Bjørn Angelsen at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTH) in Trondheim. Significant elements of the development included imaging equipment that could be combined with Doppler, the development of probes, and eventually, the necessity of color Doppler.

A standard in UL diagnostics

At that time, Liv Hatle, a doctor in Trondheim, had an idea to measure the opening area of the mitral valve using ultrasound, becoming an important collaborator. This method later became a standard in ultrasound diagnostics. Over the years, Vingmed and Liv Hatle have maintained their collaboration, which is ongoing. Another example of constructive collaboration is K.V. Hall, who, along with Rikshospitalet in Oslo, laid the foundation for the development of Hall-Medtronic, a mechanical heart valve.


In the beginning, all of this happened within Vingmed AS, but in 1986, Vingmed Sound AS was established, headquartered in Horten. Vingmed Sound evolved into one of the leading companies in heart diagnostic ultrasound and is now owned by General Electric under the name GE Vingmed Ultrasound. GE Vingmed Ultrasound is among the internationally leading players in the field of ultrasound. The research and production facilities for the Vingmed division are still located in Horten.

Contribute to development

Vingmed’s commitment and interest in collaborating with clinics and researchers to contribute to the development of products and applications remain a natural and crucial part of Vingmed’s strategy.

The Vingmed Group

Vingmed AS was founded in 1968, and in 1979, Vingmed AB was established. In 1988, Vingmed Holding AS was founded, with Vingmed AS in Norway and Vingmed Svenska AB as sister companies. In 1991, ViCare Medical A/S in Denmark became a part of Vingmed Holding AS. In 2018, Vingmed Holding acquired all shares in Vingmed Danmark, merging it with ViCare Medical A/S to form the current company, Vingmed A/S. In 2017, Vingmed Oy in Finland was established. The Vingmed Group is the largest independent supplier of advanced medical equipment in the Nordic region. All companies in the Vingmed Group are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Stability and credibility

Due to the positive development of the Vingmed Group, we have had the opportunity to upgrade to a strong financial platform that ensures stability and credibility in the market. This ensures that we can stand by the commitments we make regarding deliveries, spare parts, service, and support.

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