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Representing more than 100 healthcare brands in the Nordic countries

Vingmed co-operates closely with well-established medical and laboratory suppliers, as well as  new innovative companies, most of them leaders or potential leaders in their own area of expertise. Our extensive network of partnerships ensures  expertise and  access to the latest advancements in medical technology. 

With a strong presence in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, we offer our suppliers access to the Nordic healthcare market,  providing valuable insights of the  local market requirements  and  customer needs.

Our primary focus areas encompass cardiology, radiology, endoscopy, dialysis, intensive care, anesthesia, obstetrics, general surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and laboratory.


Long term Partnerships

Through close, long-term partnerships based on trust, respect and transparency, we bring vendors, partners, and customers together.

When selecting new suppliers, we prioritize attributes such as fast and reliable delivery capabilities, a strong commitment to innovation, and, above all, open and effective communication and a mutual trust that underpins our relationships.

Collaboration opportunities

For the expansion of our supplier network, we are continually seeking partners who share our values, policies, and commitment.

For suppliers looking to distribute products in the Nordic region, we offer collaboration opportunities. Partnering with Vingmed means tapping into our established distribution network and benefiting from our deep-rooted experience in the healthcare industry.  Please contact one of our Business Development Managers for more information.

Sales organizations

The Vingmed Group consists of 4  direct sales organizations:  Vingmed AS (Norway), Vingmed AB (Sweden), Vingmed A/S (Denmark), and Vingmed Oy (Finland). Each company acts within its respective marketplace independently, and has therefor its own local character.




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