Environmental Policy

At Vingmed, we are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability in our business by minimizing negative impact wherever possible.

Our commitment

Our environmental policy guides us in protecting the environment while enhancing patient safety and contributing positively to our community and the planet. Vingmed will contribute to UN’s world goals by structured work with Vingmeds own environmental goals. 

With a risk-based approach, we continuously assess potential environmental and sustainability risks associated with our operations and take proactive measures to prevent harm to both people and the environment. We regularly review our environmental objectives, set targets, and take action to achieve them. We work closely with our suppliers and other collaboration partners, promoting environmentally responsible practices within our supply chain. 

Supplier engagement

We work with our suppliers to meet our high environmental and regulatory standards to deliver the quality, reliability, trust, and access to innovations our customers expect. 

 We encourage continuous improvement in their environmental performance in production and transport of their products and associated packaging.

Internal engagement

Our employees are integral to the success of our sustainability initiatives. We provide training and raise awareness to empower them to contribute to our environmental objectives. 

 We work to reduce any negative environmental impact through increased focus on transport, responsible consumption and recycling.

Stakeholder engagement

We focus on understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations.  

 We ensure our operations comply with our stakeholders’ environmental requirements and actively incorporate their specific needs into our products and services.

Vingmed is dedicated to complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards. We regularly assess our operations to ensure they meet these requirements. Continuous improvement is an integral part of our operations, and we aim to integrate best practices to enhance our environmental performance.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is the foundation of the Vingmed Holding Code of responsible business conduct and is reinforced by our ISO 14001 certification, which is a testament to our dedication to environmental management.                                    

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