News|16 November 2023

Warming blankets for adults – Vingmed Denmark

In Vingmed Denmark we proudly introduce an expanded range of warming blankets and mattresses with cutting-edge carbon fiber technology for adults.

Crafted with precision using high-quality carbon fiber technology, our blankets and mattresses offer uniform warming across all surfaces. The mattresses feature Visco Elastic Foam, preventing bed sores and ensuring flexibility for patient comfort.

Abundant temperature sensors ensure secure warming, with an optional body temperature probe for real-time monitoring.

Our products boast quick warming times of less than 10 minutes, reaching a therapeutic 37°C. Operating at a low voltage (24V), they eliminate the risk of electric shock. Choose from disposable or reusable covers to suit your needs, easily cleaned with standard operating room disinfectants for optimal hygiene.



News|15 May 2024

Juhamatti Malm is the new Managing Director of Vingmed Oy

We are pleased to announce that Juhamatti Malm is the new Managing Director of Vingmed Oy, starting 15th of May 2024.

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