News|12 September 2023

Vingmed Oy has aquired Biotop Oy

Vingmed  has aquired Biotop  and the business of Biotop will be transferred to Vingmed’s laboratory unit VingLab, starting September 18th 2023. 

The acquisition strengthens VingLab’s market position in the laboratory sector in Finland, supporting the company’s overall growth strategy . Biotop’s representations will be transferred to VingLab, supplementing VingLab’s current range of laboratory supplies and devices with reagents, cells and molecular biology products.

Biotop’s Sales Manager, Matti Raitio, will join the VingLab team, continuing successful collaborations with customers and suppliers. To ensure a smooth transition, the current CEO and owner of Biotop, Risto Ranta, will serve as a management advisor during this transition period.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Jyrki Lönnfors, CEO
Vingmed Oy


News|15 May 2024

Juhamatti Malm is the new Managing Director of Vingmed Oy

We are pleased to announce that Juhamatti Malm is the new Managing Director of Vingmed Oy, starting 15th of May 2024.

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